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Speaker:Prof. Brett Wick Georgia Institute of Technology
Time:Analytic Function Theory on the Disc
3, June 10:00--11:00 am ;
5, June 10:00--11:00 AM;
7, June 10:00--11:00 am ;
10, June 10:00--11:00 am;
12, June 10:00--11:00 am ;
14,June 10:00--11:00 am
Venue:Room 422 of School of Mathematics and Statistics
In these lectures we will study two spaces of analytic functions on the unit disc: The Hardy Space and the Diriclet Space. The lectures will compare and contrast these two spaces of functions to show the similarities and differences. Topics covered include the definitions of the spaces, their Carleson measures, and other basic properties of the spaces in question. The accompanying lecture notes provide much more material than will be covered in the lectures.

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