The predecessor of Mathematics and Statistics School of Chongqing University were Science School founded in 1929, which was also one of the earliest three schools of Chongqing University, and Business School founded in 1937. The famous mathematician Mr. He Lu was appointed as the dean at that time. In April 2010, School of Mathematics and Statistics was officially established currently with the Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Science, and Information & Computational Science. And majors such as Information & Computing science and Mathematics & Applied Mathematics are advantages and specialty of Chongqing Municipality. The School owns 4 research institutes, namely Mathematics institute (founded in 1946, the first director was Prof. Ke Zhao, member of Academy of Science), Statistics institute (found in 2003, the first director was Prof. Chen Xiru, member of Academy of Science), System Science institute and Science &Engineering institute. Currently, the School has a total number of 90 faculty and staff members, among which about 18 professors and 24 associate professors. It is now has a total enrollment of 1,000 students, of which 400 are master's and doctoral students, and 600 undergraduate students. The School owns the authority to launch PhD Program of Doctoral-level discipline in both mathematics and statistics. And the School is renowned for 2 key disciplines of Chongqing Municipality and one demonstration center of mathematical lab of Chongqing Municipality. And it owns China-Actuary Qualification Test Center and Examination Center of Society of Actuary. Chongqing Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics of China is also attached to the School.

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